Here is the most accom­plished piece of audio and video furniture in the world.

The basis for its implementation dates back to 2003. And why ‘The Symbiose’.

A perfect harmony between two organisms. Each one of them cannot live without the other and both benefit from this association.

This symbiosis takes place between electronics and furniture, in order to transcend the sound produced by the major audiophile brands.

The Symbiose I: The inception

The concepts underlying the creation of ‘The Symbiose I’ have had to resolve a multitude of constraints such as the propagation of low frequency waves, motor vibrations, unwanted electro­magnetic fields or thermal expansion.

But it does not stop there, the aesthetic constraint was taken into account right from the start so that ‘The Symbiose I’ turns into a decorative piece in the way a speaker or a preamplifier can.

Installed ‘The Symbiose I’
Detail of the Computer design of the latest model of hi-fi and video furniture

The Symbiose II: The refinement

Based on the experience acquired during the implementation of the first project, ‘The Symbiose II’ becomes easy to use, the constraints of positioning disappear to give way to a luxury piece of furniture that can be positioned in the most appropriate place and according to everyone’s wishes.

The Symbiose III: The outcome

It is thanks to the feedback from our customers that ‘The Symbiose III’ was born: keeping the technical perfor­mance that is the signature of our furniture with more flexibility in its layout.

More compact but with all our know-how, it will fit into a limited space or in addition to ‘The Symbiose II’.