More than 12 different trades intervene in the making of ‘The Symbiose’.

They must achieve the double duty of guaranteeing the required features as well as a perfect integration into the place of its purchaser.

In order to make this accomplishment possible, it is entirely made of the best materials by the most experienced French and Swiss craftsmen, each one capable of infinitely changing the material, the colour and even the shape of the pieces that make up ‘The Symbiose’.

Thanks to its design, which has been patented several times, this haute couture piece of furniture does not in any way undermine its intrinsic performance.

'The Symbiose II' in CAD

Computer-aided design:

Without stress calculation, no maintenance of per­formance.

CAD provides the accuracy which is imposed by an un­compromising quality, it sets the possible limits very far away so that ‘The Symbiose’ is never caught unprepared.

The ironwork:

Without the unfailing frame, no rigidity.

Adjusting, welding, everything is done by hand so that nothing is left to chance.

The ironwork of 'The Symbiose II'

The woodwork:

Without perfect achievement, no beauty.

Each coating, every corner receives minute attention, with a mastery of all achievements.

The woodwork of 'The Symbiose II'

The paintwork:

Without uniformity of achie­vement, no perfection.

Bright or mat paintwork, gold leaf or chrome plating, everything is permit­ted.

Detail of the painting of 'The Symbiose II'
A cable from 'The Symbiose II'

The cable installer:

Without a controlled tension, no constant per­formance.

It is a surprise to find a great world-renowned specialist in cabling, but nothing is out of the ordinary when it comes to achieving ‘The Symbiose’.

Tension, material, dimension, every­thing is under control.

Adjustment for 'The Symbiose II'

The fitter:

Without meticulous work on the shelves, no audio­phile performance.

It is a long process where each action is verified because the final quality of ‘The Symbiosis’ depends on it.

The developer:

Without him, nothing would exist.

Invisible from the outside but ex­tremely apparent when in use, it is one of the operations which is most closely guarded secret because it is the result of a countless amount of tests and measurements before the operations are entirely satisfactory.