'The Symbiose II' with all the audio components

Before your ‘The Symbiose’ arrives in your home, you will have chosen the number of levels, the colours of the components, the materials: wood or leather covering, from chromed to gold-plated, all finishes are possible.

'The Symbiosis II' of a music lover

Having ‘The Symbiose’ in your home, means being sure to have the piece of audiophile furniture in perfect sym­biosis with your music and video installation.

Each unique shelf conceived according to your wishes will have all the technical perfection that ‘The Symbiose’ requires.

Each level will be delivered to you in a case with its shelf as well as its technical compo­nents.

A board of 'The Symbiose II' in its suitcase

And so that you will never have to regret not having one more level, and in order not to mismatch the harmony of your piece of furniture, a sample of the material used when creating your shelves will be kept in order to gua­rantee the same finish whatever your subsequent re­quests might be.